HOSSEIN VALAMANESH | Trans-Trans-Figuration: Lajevardi Foundation / Tehran


Sheikh Safi’s Anecdote & Any Expandable Thing

May – June 2017

Lajevardi Foundation / Tehran

Opening Reception – Friday – 12 May

“Farsh” as an expandable thing performs a conceptual derivative to study a series of social and professional relations in the domain of art in Tehran. This research-based exhibition unfolds onto various fields and suggests new approaches to the assemblages of artistic, institutional, and organised operations. This is realised in two main parts that are in connection with one another juxtaposing within different forms of representation; A selection of artworks that are arranged by ways in which “Farsh” and/or any expandable forms/concepts have been challenged, deconstructed or reproduced as alternative possibilities; A combination of researched, archival and documented material contextualising the subject matter visually, aurally and textually.

Farhad Ahrarnia

Ayreen Anastas & Rene Gabri

Bita Ghezelayagh

Sahand Hesamiyan

Saeed Ravanbakhsh

Neda Razavipour

Bouyeh Sadatnia

Hossein Valamanesh

More info- https://goo.gl/7Sukcu