Congratulations to David Griggs and Noel McKenna who are both finalists in this years Sir John Sulman Prize

Sometimes I feel like a broken record on repeat when writing or talking about a few of my paintings. However, the only way to communicate myself in text about any given artwork is that I suffer from a form of severe depression, a constant daily battle that has left me crippled more times than once. The good news is I have taken control of my mental health issues and changed a lot of things in my life. Daily exercise, meditation and a healthy diet are just a few. The biggest help for my wellbeing is painting. Using my mind, my body, movement and colour. I love prismatic colours, I love achromatic colours. Just painting, fluid, fun and a bit of humour.

Apartment is part of my ongoing commitment to ‘the interior’ as a subject for painting. The interior in this case is a small section of an imagined apartment with a small table with a lamp, one of my handmade pots, and a cat on its back legs – which they do not often do but are capable of. The interior for me also involves the psychological state of people’s minds, and in this work possibly the state of mind of the pet cat.