ADAM CULLEN: Minor Exaltation



29 Jun – 24 Jul 2011


Title Unknown – Recognition of a Human Being
by Adam Cullen, 2011

Yeah, you know the song, “Tragedy..when the something, can’t go on it’s tragedy” Bee Gees or some shit, anyway it’s stuck in my head, why I don’t know...maybe that’s what’s compelling me to write this down, as fast as I can... I reckon cigarettes are “1cm” too short.....

I just received a “Domino’s” pizza, you know the delivered one. I answered the door and there was my pizza. In a black box. Great box....the pizza, well, anyway. The delivery chap was probably about 140kg. He was repulsive....I sometimes hate fat people, especially when they deliver what they brain, no morals! I gave him a tip; the monetary/mammary kind. It was a supreme waste of time.

Domino’s always fuck it up – I asked for extra garlic plus extra cheese/thin and crispy. What I got was nothing close. What yours truly received was thick and doughy and bereft of garlic. It still sits in the fridge, alone, just asking for trouble...!!

...kind of almost extinct species – a sort of Australapithicus type with fangs and big black long haired testicles pressed firmly and constantly into the small of my back! Anyway - it’s a great job, if you can hack it. “Endurance is more important than truth” and that’s what you the endurance.

The toilets we knew...!! Are still there!! - paraphrasing Schopenhauer’s “Happiness is nearly pain relief”

Conclusion. This suite of new works is simply part of my ongoing investigation into the urban/ sub-urban psychological schema of para-rural discourse. Beasts of beasts, beasts of burden... crucifi ction is a-fi ction...exercise with a clown, they have big shoes. My love is dead........... I should sing a song.

- AC 2011