29 Apr - 24 May 2009

 |  Oom
Artist Statement 2009

Oommarks the beginning of an ongoing project, that will tie together strands of my practice which have previously been undertaken separately. Whilst at first glance the works may seem disparate, Oomis a conscious attempt to carve away at divisions; not merely between media, but also between roles (such as artist, curator and collaborator) and more broadly between art and life. Later modes of Oomwill progressively make these suggestions more manifest.

In drawing, painting, and photography there can be an almost instantaneous, limitless freedom at our disposal. Oomseeks to explore these possibilities using the people, social networks and economic structures that surround us. The works in this exhibition infect the highly affected aesthetics of geometric abstraction, fashion photography and advertising imagery with very personal and specific narratives. In an equally intimate way, the different works give birth to each other (the paintings generate sculptural forms, whilst the photographs suggested future drawings and collages).

These works are, also, a personal response to returning home after a period abroad. The locations, objects and visual references stem largely from my own early and late childhood, in the late 1970's to the early 1990's. It is hoped that the works suggest both an intensely familiar, and also of a new and unknowable reality.

Andy Best, April 2009