GAGPROJECTS presents French artist duo Antoine + Manuel: Animal. The duo present a series of original drawings produced during their 2017 residency in Adelaide for the Adelaide Festival video installation at University of Adelaide in March 2018.

“We questioned our memories to imagine a physical, biological and sensitive reality composed of imaginary living forms. We played as gods, inventing a landscape, sometimes a forest, sometimes underwater and animating imaginary creatures looking like trees, corals, plants, flowers, stones, sperm and ovum orchestrating this emotional world as a visual symphony.” - A+M

The artists met in an art school in Paris in 1984. Antoine worked as a fashion stylist and Manuel studied product design at les Arts décoratifs. They began working as a duo in 1993, combining their different skills to create images, typographies, objects, video animations and installations.

Exhibitions include Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris (2009); Hong Kong Heritage Museum (2010); Grand Palais in Paris for ‘Cartier, l’Art et l’histoire’ exhibition (2013); Art Centre the Chapelle des Calvairiennes in Mayenne (2014); White Night, Melbourne (2015); and Adelaide Festival (2018).