By chance I met Pat and Howard Frederick in 1991 when I was planning my first show in New York. I met them in Albury, NSW, where they had been living for some years. They were about to return to the United States and invited me to come to Tucson, Arizona after my opening in New York. As a completely New York obsessed artist the rest of the USA was ‘til then a complete blur, but I took them up on their invitation. The plane descended in the vast desert with blue mountains framing the background, an old rusty steel tower with ramshackle letters announced TUCSON. I fell in love with the place immediately. Tucson and particularly the Frederick residence has been a home away from home when travelling since that time. Pat is a veterinarian, an accomplished dressage rider and trainer and artist. We had lots to talk about and we haven’t stopped talking.

The works in Undercover were made last December/January in the Tucson winter - blue skies, cold mornings, sunny days and walking from inside to outside studio spaces. During my stay I was looking back through a mist at my suburban Australian memories. Although I’d layered fabric over fabric before, there seemed now a necessity to further veil (or cover) the images psychologically and physically, accentuating distant and blurred memories, and as a step to challenging the traditional perception of the painted surface.

Jenny Watson
September 2008