Mat Collishaw’s (b 1966) art envelops us in a twilight world poised between the alluring and the revolting, the familiar and the shocking, the poetic and the morbid. With a visual language embracing diverse media, the beauty of he’s work draws us in – seductive, captivating, hypnotic – only to more forcefully repel us as we perceive the darker fantasies within. Repulsion triggered not by what we see, but by our innate response to it.

Mat Collishaw received his BFA from Goldsmith College, London, in 1989 and began his career exhibiting the 
acclaimed work Bullet Hole alongside his Goldsmiths contemporaries at the legendary show “Freeze” in 1989, and at “Modern Medicine” in 1990. Both shows were curated by Collishaw’s long-term friend Damien Hirst and are renowned for the rise to prominence of the YBAs (Young British Artists).

His work has been exhibited in numerous solo shows around the world, including: Cohen Gallery, NY (1992); Camden Arts Centre, London (1996); Duty Free Spirits, Lisson Gallery, London (1997); Galeria d’Arte Moderne, Bologna, Italy (1999); Museum of Contemporary Art, Warsaw (2000); Mat Collishaw, Art & Public, Geneva (2004); Shooting Stars, Haunch of Venison, London (2008); Hysteria, Freud Museum, London (2009); and Retrospectre, BFI Southbank, London (2010). 

Collishaw’s monumental site-specific work, Magic Lantern, was commissioned by The Victoria & Albert Museum and was installed in the cupola above the  entrance from November 2010 - April 2011.

Both Thames & Hudson and Other Criteria have published books about Collishaw’s art practice.

This exhibition is in collaboration with BLAIN|SOUTHERN Gallery, London, UK.