SALA Festival
2 – 28  AUGUST 2020

Pierre Mukeba (b.1995) recently exhibited two major works in the 2020 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art – Monster Theatres; each work was just over 6 meters wide and finished just before the Biennial opened in March 2020. The AGSA along with the rest of the country closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Pierre unable to work or leave home re-discovered rice paper and could express himself with markers and paint on a simple table, sometimes gluing sheets of paper together forming irregular shapes. Images flooded back of the violence and injustice occurring in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. These new works seem more spontaneous and expressive in their direct narratives.
In only a short few years Pierre Mukeba has quietly established himself as a strong voice to tell stories of African migrants history; his work has been acquired by the NGV, QUT Art Museum, Shepparton Art Museum, Wyndham Art Gallery and AGSA. He took home the 2017 Churchie National Emerging Art Prize and the Peoples Choice Prize in the Ramsay Art Prize supported by Lipman Karas in 2019.