BROOK ANDREW: Peace and Hope



26 Oct - 20 Nov 2005

Artist Statement, 2005

“Who we are and how we consume at the turn of the century makes me wonder why we adore ourselves so much. The obligations most individuals from the ‘west’ have today with multiple global identities and cultural politics resembles somewhat a locust on heat.”

Focusing on the intensions of the mass electronic and published media I aim to interrogate contemporary culture, teasing from populism to spew forth ironic takes on ‘globalism’. Mixing and representing cultural identities from Australia, neighbouring countries of Asia and the ‘Americas’.

Our obsession/anxiety with artificial and popular constructs of identity, i.e. Australian Aboriginal and other cultures; celebrity, personality, war supremacy, revolution & spiritual fulfillment manifest through mass media/cultural activity. Lighting up our lives with popular, (mostly singular) illusions and extrusions of something that is not always ‘us/me’.

In times of global ‘(dis)comfort’, the most successful slogan reveals more than popular visual product. It is able to camouflage issues of mass cultural and personal collision. 

The ‘best’ culture/lifestyle commonly projected does not infer all of ‘us’, yet within the construct there is a will to do so.