CARLO FERRARIS: Negative Space



22 Sep - 17 Oct 2004


Press Release, 2004

The exhibition consists of a series of photographs, recent color and earlier black and white works and three videos. 100 Cubic Meters of Sky, a black and white video is presented as a projection. The work deals with the idea of enclosure, of a certain discomfort zone, and entrapment. The other videos are presented on monitors. Allegheny, Stick to the Sky, depicts a group of people sitting around a table stacking objects one on top of the other in the midst of which a plaque takes flight. The unusual continues with More than Still: a tray levitates in mid-air. The work is metaphorical and addresses a spatial or perceptual experience and its psychological implication to everyday life and objects. The negative space addressed in these works is a conceptual and metaphysical space rather than actual. The videos are slow paced and their suggestive scenes and camera work redefine cinematography. The process is as intricate as the completed video. A dialogue is created between the obvious and the miraculous which becomes indicative of a distinct visual plot.

The photographs continue the discourse of the uncanny, ingenious and the improbable. The Ambassador Has Arrived plays with our visual perception of height, distorted through a spatial concept cleverly created by the artist. Another body of work is experimental in nature. In Nidge, Here Far Away, and an Untitled piece, Ferraris took the photo negative and printed it as a positive image. The result is a tonality that is the opposite of the actual subject. Everything is the opposite of what the viewer sees. Where the image appears black, in reality, it is white and vice versa. The work creates a wonderful ambiguity of space since it’s unclear to the viewer whether the work is in space, levitating or is occupying solid ground. In all the photographs, the concept of space is addressed visually, metaphorically and objectively.

Born in the Piedmont region of Italy, Ferraris currently lives and work in New York. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and the U.S. His work has been exhibited in one-person exhibitions at; Corinne Caminade, Paris; Florence Lynch Gallery, Esso Gallery, and Salvatore Ala Gallery, New York ; C.A. OTKRbITKA Gallery, Moscow; Galleria Valeria Belvedere, Milan; Galleria Disegno, Mantua, among others. Group exhibitions include: Queens Museum, New York; Galerie von Fellner, Krefeld, Germany; Millennium Film Workshop Inc., New York; kjubh Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany; Salle D’Exposition Centre St. Charles, University de Paris I, Sorbonne, Paris; Art in General, New York; Cape Town, South Africa; Galerie Le Faisant, Strasbourg; London Brewery, London; and White Columns, New York, among others. Ferraris is represented by the Florence Lynch Gallery in New York Cityand Galerie Corinne Caminade in Paris.

His work has been published and reviewed extensively in such publications as The New York Times, Vogue, Elle Decor, Flash Art, Lacanian Ink, Casa Vogue, Art Press, Art in America, ArtNews, L’Architettura, Juliet, Artforum, Tema Celeste, and The Art Newspaper, among others.