19 Oct – 13 Nov 2011

CHELSEA LEHMANN  |  Mise en Scène
Artist Statement, 2011

These works are the result of a project that involved working from a life model in the interiors of two Paris museums in the Marais district: principally, the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature (a private museum of hunting and nature)and the Musée Carnavalet, whichis devoted to the history of Paris from its origins to recent times.

A naked figure in a museum interior is a meeting of worlds: the out-of-context collected, the time capsule furnishings, the interiority of the mind (private) inside the exterior body (public) and all of them in various composed relationships. This three-way interchange fuels contradiction, quixotic associations and matter of fact oddities. When painted, the figure is just as inanimate as it’s surroundings, rendering woman and polar bear a credible couplet. 

- Chelsea Lehmann


Extract from Rod’s Taylor’s introduction

Chelsea Lehmann very successfully exploits both pictorial space and the act of making (as gesture). They are in fact the basis of her work, providing her with stimulating technical and aesthetic challenges and a rich means to engage with the perceptions and concerns of her reality. Moreover, because such properties are so fundamental to her art form, her explicit concern with them lends her work a valuable durability, a rare authenticity and considerable aesthetic pleasure.

- Rod Taylor AM