14 Mar - 8 Apr 2007



Constanze Zikos’ work explores cultural forms and patternings, symbols and styles that inform and transform, forging a context to contest. Zikos channels the poets of the classical and electronic ages through hexagrammatical meterage of Aristophanic phrasings of desire and mourning and presents these works through architectonic embellishments ornamented with the unheimlich and the unholy, sublime melancholy and anastylotic monumentalism. The fleeting nuances of faith, of the powers of fascinated saints, and the rigorous intellectualisation of dance floor pulsations resonate through lavish geometric abstractions.

Zikos harnesses the symptoms of displacement to the lost landmarks of an otherworldly classicism, to position faith in new icons instinctively reflected in the urban, and presents these inscriptions with geometric sonnets and the delineations of electro-magnetic waveforms. Zikos’ banners, flags and wall-pieces manifest as membranes, eluding demarcation as merely spectatorial devices for a perimetric adornment. They exist simultaneously as delicate and resilient acid tests of the structural zone, infused with disco-ball iridescence and the regal silhouettes of the modern icons of fashion’s neo-Byzantium, and hermetic formalesque spectres. Dedicated to brocading the seductive, shouldering the anti-somniac’s details of hived glamour to present a shifted version of the assumed, Zikos delineates falsified glorious finishes of interiors and surfaces, imprinting memories of the casket and the reliquaries of memento mori.

Constanze Zikos has exhibited regularly since 1988, in Australia and internationally; his most recent solo show was Fit For Floggingat the AGNSW (2006). His work is held in collections including the Art Gallery of New South Wales, MCA Sydney, National Gallery of Victoria & private collections. In 2003, a retrospective, Anathematic: Constanze Zikos 1990 – 2003, was held at Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne. Zikos is represented by Tolarno Galleries.