30 Apr - 25 May 2014

Greenaway Art Gallery/GAGPROJECTS is proud to use our Adelaide space this May to profile some of Adelaide’s emerging artists.

Co-Curator of this exhibition and major contributor is Mary Ann Santin. Santin says of her sculptural work it is a, “play on one’s archival desire to capture moments in time. Whole Encyclopedia Britannica sets are cut and sanded into new forms whilst the reworked paintings contain email and text conversations as well as old drawings and sketches. The 24 volume white set, Rundell, refers to the family that owned it and gave permission for its reconfiguration. “The past lingers on, yesterday reverberates into today.(Daniel Birnbaum, Crystals, 2005).”

Jenna Pippetts practice responds to items from the past and her work offers visual links to engaging with a personal history. Through her video work Re-(memory)ed he observations are based on, “family film footage of my mother and grandparents, twelve months before they migrated to Australia, in 1967.  Re-(memory)edengages with memory as a viewable, re-playable item. The work takes physical documentation of an event combined with re-animating participants roles nearly fifty years later.  Creating a shareable memory of an everyday event, located well in the past. This work plays with existing memory, reliving it in a different context of time.”

Anna Gore’s paintings respond to, “the boundlessness of imagination, where anything is possible. My work comes out of an ongoing conversation between the material nature of paint, and the act of painting. Using this conversation, the work intends to generate a sense of what cannot be represented, namely the hazy, complex and indefinite realm of feelings and sensation.”