ENRIQUE MARTY: Fourteen Mothers



22 May - 16 Jun 2002



The work I have sent is: on the one hand, there are drawings from different series, there are black and white watercolours from the series "Album familiar", their size is 23 x 23 cm. This work belongs to a series. I have been working in for two years which consists in a revision of my parents' old photo album. The process is as follows: I have copied every one of the photos in the album, from the first to the last. There has been no selection on aesthetics grounds of any sort, it has been a rereading of the family memory. By doing so, I force myself to contemplate each and every one of my parents' old photographs in such an attentive way as to be able to copy them. That is to say, I concentrate in every detail. On every watercolour, I write the date on which the photo was taken and also the name of the person appearing or a description of the scene.

On the other hand, there is another series of watercolours in two sizes: 17 x 23 cm and 32 x 41. They have a format reminding to a Polaroid photograph. They come from two sources: one is Polaroid photos and the other is images from family videos. These series are a continuation of the revision of my family memory, but going forward in time. this time they are coloured images and underneath, I have also written a description of the facts.

There are also watercolours from another series without title whose size is 23 x 33 cm which represents a number of characters who , in a way of self-portrait, make a declaration of principles. This self-portrait is more or less my own, but my intention is that the spectator find himself reflected in them. not in the same paper, next to the character, I have written a sentence which always starts with the word: soy (I am) but always follows in a different way, saying different, even contradictory things. Each of these drawings has been drawn in only one session. I want to say that one can see them selves in a different way depending on the moment he/she looks at him/herself. The text on all the works is in Spanish. This is not a problem for the Australian public because they are short sentences that have a conceptual more that descriptive mission.

On the video entitled "Juego de niños" we see two children "playing" in an, apparently, innocent game that, after the editing and sound editing become a game which is not anymore so innocent. My intention is to say that the interpretation of a fact depends on how this fact is presented or looked at and not on the fact itself. the video lasts about 4 minutes and has been recorded in a loop. The music is a song called "Total Eclipse of the Sun" by the German band "Einstürzendeneubauten". In this way, the whole exhibition will be a revision of my memory and of the spectator's memory, as everybody has family and friends. Family is a strong and recognizable archetype.