Curated by Harriet McKay


‘Art is man added to nature’ - Francis Bacon (1561 - 1626)

With this statement, Bacon illuminated the fundamental link between human-made artifacts and that which is naturally formed. Rather than positing the former as a vain imitation of the latter, Bacon contended that the human ability to produce art bound us to nature rather than separated us from it. Art was not adjunct, it was essential – a force of hope that gave humans the ability to influence and improve the conditions of their existence. 

These three artists are attached to this idea by their distinctive understanding of the natural world as a rich and extensive source of influence on the human imagination. From Sam Gold’s cathartic process of coiling clay to build sculptures which reflect upon our innate desire to mark-make, to the natural motifs used throughout Anna Gore’s installation pieces that take on a wealth of meaning when they converge with references to both external and internal worlds, or Emmaline Zanelli’s still life photographs which physically obfuscate the organic to communicate a tension between the artificial and the natural. By identifying both the distinctions and connections between man-made and natural forms, these artists render all forms essential and engage in a conversation as relevant now as when Francis Bacon wrote these words over four-hundred years ago. - Harriet McKay, 2019

Sam Gold

Lives and works in Adelaide.

Sam Gold produces ceramic installations that were initially informed by her training as an Art Therapist. The essence of the work is held within the repetitive construction process of coiling and pressing - a cathartic, self-regulating act which documents the emotionally charged relationship between maker and material.

Sam Gold completed a Bachelor of Contemporary Art at the University of South Australia in 2018. In 2018 she received the Friends of South Australian School of Art Prize and The Australian Ceramic Council Award. Gold is currently undergoing a Helpmann residency at George Street Studios (SA).

Anna Gore
Lives and works in Adelaide.

Anna Gore works with painting, sculpture and installation to reflect on the intellectual, emotional and fundamentally irrational nature of art. For Gore, the image becomes a site for mystery and subjective vision, which draws on both the familiar and the unknowable. Her playful installations enact and reanimating modernist fictions and fantasies from a contemporary feminist perspective. The work is situated in between the deeply personal experience of painting and the collective understanding of abstraction – ultimately working with art’s ability to express both an inward and external experience.
Anna Gore completed Masters by Research (Visual Arts) at the University of South Australia in 2019. Gore has exhibited her work in galleries throughout Australia, including CACSA Project Space (SA), The Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (WA) and was selected to be in the HoBiennale (TAS) in 2017. Gore recently completed an artist inresidency at the former Royal Adelaide Hospital as a part of the Renewal SA cultural development program. 
Emmaline Zanelli
Lives and works in between Melbourne and Adelaide.

Emmaline Zanelli is interested in the human interpretation of the natural world, and the alternate realities that are possible within images. She tirelessly layers her work with digitally collaged photographs, collected images, costume, sculpture and figures to create surreal landscapes where all physical objects are interchangeable entities. In this selection of work, Zanelli constructs scenes where the natural and artificial are obsessively plastered over one another -strung up, pinned down and then wrapped together again. The images speak to the tension between control and calamity that results from our desire to order and categorise the natural world.
Emmaline Zanelli completed a Bachelor of Visual Art & Design at AC Arts, South Australia in 2015. Her work has been exhibited throughout Australia including the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (WA), Stills Gallery (NSW), Bus Projects (VIC), and Hugo Michel Gallery (SA). Her work featured in the British Journal of Photography. Collections include Artbank Australia. Zanelli is currently completing a Master’s in Photography at the Photography Studies College, Melbourne.