26 Aug - 4 Oct 2009


GOSIA WLODARCZAK  |  Someone and I
Artist Statement 2009

My work interrogates the phenomenon of existence. I attempt to archive a realisation of being - of being present, within space, time, and language. Forming a registry of the everyday, not working in an artist’s studio but in various private and public spaces where life goes on. Drawing is the basis of all my practice, extending towards performance, interactive situations, installation, sound and moving image; I refer to it as crossdisciplinary drawing. I draw my environment as I see it, in real time - tracing and re-tracing the visible. My aim is to record continuous time, the present moment and my mind’s realization of now, attempting to translate my living energy into the drawn line. The line is processed by my sense of sight and communicated through my body. I try to draw what I look at, before it is classified by my mind, memory, and knowledge. The line is shaped into outlines of real things that my eye registers by its every glance. Accumulated outlines of objects and shapes that were recorded by my countless singular glances, and at the same time archived by my moving hand, building up a substantive layering. I don’t emphasize any elements or structure, nor do I pre-design compositions, I believe that the different shapes within observed reality carry equal importance. Using line as a vehicle for presence in time and space I create performative drawings; works which are intrinsically linked to notions of human existence, of personal space, familiar (safe) spaces, and unfamiliar (strange) space. With performative drawing, the process is not only a catalyst for the creation of an image, it is a vital part of the work and a resulting image becomes the byproduct of the situation. The process is exposed, presented to the viewer. The viewer is the participant in the social situation, documented through drawing; the viewer becomes part of the drawing. In the moment of drawing, apart from looking at reality, my mind is focused simply on the physical actions of the body in space and time. I draw to document, to archive, presence manifested by my body’s almost ‘mechanical’ functions, almost autonomic. Through this drawing process I aim to archive human body functions, generally taken for granted but vital - abilities like: making a step, sitting down, lying down, rising up, leaning against, swallowing, breathing. We usually do not think about these actions, unless one becomes sick, disabled, old, and the actions are difficult or impossible to perform. I am interested in mind realization of presence in social context, in circumstances where one’s personal space is shared with someone, with the other. Through performance series like Tablecloth and Shared Space I archive the experience of sharing: physically being part of, and being present within the context of an ordinary, every-day situation. These performances explore a mutual relationship, friendship, and intimacy, but also investigate the social environment in which we live, and engage with a growing awareness, of anxieties and fears concerning safe/unsafe human relationships.

Gosia Wlodarczak 2009