16 Feb - 11 Mar 2007


Lee Salomone | after image 
Artist Statement, 2007 

I have had an interest in moon and sun cycles ever since childhood. I noticed that our family planned certain activities around different phases of the moon. Seedlings were planted on a waxing moon, pruning occurred on a waning moon; even our wine production was governed by the lunar cycle. As a child, I took it as a given. As an adolescent, I dismissed it as Italian peasant practices. Science has proved that the moon’s gravitational force effects the flow of moisture in soil and in plants. Science has also proven that the activity of positive and negative ions in the atmosphere does vary according to moon phases. The sun has obvious effects upon all life on planet earth.

The sculptural works for after imageat Greenaway Art Gallery make use of everyday found objects and the philosophy of using what is at hand. They are signposts that reference the reality that life on our planet is lunar and solar “powered”. They allude to the some-times forgotten fact, that we are all embedded in these cyclical processes of nature and that everything is interconnected. These works continue my sculptural language of using nature and natural materials to better understand culture and conversely utilising culture and constructed elements to comprehend nature