Margaret Dodd




A lone figure made of raw clay waits in a sandy field for the fire that will transform her into an artefact to be unearthed in a hypothetical archaeological dig of the distant future. Behind her an image of a fossilized Holden hangs on the wall.

My mother’s last words were “I have known about this for a long time”. Scientists and bestselling writers have been telling us about Climate Change since the 1960s. Yet powerful voices still choose to deny it. They believe in science when it sends us to the moon and gives us smart phones, but not when it might conflict with the business of perpetual growth, profits, and power. They opt for short-term gain over the future of life on earth.

Scientists have proposed a term ‘The Anthropocene” for the period “dating from the commencement of significant human impact on earth’s geology and ecosystems, including but not limited to anthropogenic climate change”. “The Great Acceleration” refers to the period since World War Two when we began to cause mass extinction events, fires, droughts, floods and rising temperatures. Sadly wherever European populations have colonized they have exploited the land and extinguished life, including human life and cultures that existed prior to their flag planting ceremonies. The process is speeding up.

The planet will survive, but will we?

  - Margaret Dodd