MAY 19 - JUN 20, 2010


Artist Statement, 2010

Imagine a space where the light can’t get in. Underground: a mysterious sanctuary, abundant with oozing leaks and paranormal breezes. Thoughts of inhabiting such a place were the motive for making this suite of paintings.

In her book The Coherence of Gothic Conventions[1], Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick claims the term ‘live burial’ acts not only as a punishment popular in Gothic novels but also as a structural name for the Gothic salience of ‘within’. With this in mind, these paintings reflect an underground site, considered both refuge and prison, paralleling an internal psychological mindscape.

Visually, the work suggests a fragmented psychological horror movie, while romancing the intimate nature of seventeenth century Dutch Still-life. These paintings are made using restrained traditional colours composed of pigments and minerals drawn from the earth. They are an inquiring conflation of process, ideas and image, occupying an uneasy space between anecdote and the abstract.

- Mary-Jean Richardson
May 2010

[1]Kosofsky Sedgwick, E. 1980, The Coherence of Gothic Conventions, Methuen, New York