22 Feb - 1 Mar 2005



A video installation is a semiotic space exploring identity within a 3D animated world. Video images of choreographed dancers are substituted for animated text following the paths their movement creates in physical space. The process of transcribing thoughts into language and wrapping this around the animated simulation of real bodies catapults the linguistics of reality construction into a directly visual, literate field. Transcriptions is an iteration of the notion that language itself is the frame through which subjectivity and lived experience is perceived.

The work is projected onto 4 disparate screens with the prime locus of action shifting from one screen to the next in a seemingly random order. This irregular shifting of focus commands the attention of the viewer through actively and dynamically directing their gaze. The action of each screen toys with linear notions of temporality; contradicting suspended moments with hyper kinetic cartoonish mayhem in a collection of overlapping micro narratives referencing the superhero comic genre. This animated fantasia of choreographed language hints at a parody of Nietzche´s overman which sits as an historic, philosophical precedent for the contemporary superhero.

Transcriptions purposefully disrupts the simplistically scripted pop-culture superhero dichotomy of good/evil, weak/strong, through permitting the full complexity of human emotions within this construct. It wryly posits that we can wield the truthful admission of our mundane flaws as an instrument of virtue and power. 

Garry Stewart is the Artistic Director of the Australian Dance Theatre. Garry has developed a unique movement vocabulary that redefines the body in terms of risk and virtuosity, often used in conjunction with various other media including photography, film and video. ADT regularly tours nationally and internationally and is in demand throughout Europe, the UK, the USA and Australia. Garry studied Communications at the University of Technology Sydney majoring in film/video and contemporary philosophy.

David Evans is the Creative Director of interactive video production company Digital Monkey. As an individual artist, he works in the area of digital video and installation art and in performance with dance and theatre companies across Australia. His work has been shown at the Australian Jewish museum and the Adelaide Fringe and with ADT. David's passion for art and technology has led him to create In the Chair, an e-learning application that puts budding musicians inside a professional orchestra and provides mentoring using a revolutionary pitch recognition and artificial intelligence engines.