Tsering Hannaford




"I have a memory as a tween, of looking at my reflection in the three-angled dresser, and imagining how much nicer I would be if I didn’t have the bump on my nose. 

My new body of work explores preoccupations with the self- common in our individualistic society, and in my mind, particularly amplified for women. 

For this exhibition, I embraced the challenge to create the self-portrait from a new perspective. Drawing on my studies in Psychology and Art History at the University of Adelaide, I wanted to turn my traditional realist portraits literally on their heads to examine the psychology that inspired these painted works through sculpture. A new perspective on drawing see pages from the sketch book scaled up for the gallery walls.

The sculptural works delve into ideas connecting value, the physical body, worth and accepted roles. When patterns of thinking are established, like a three-way mirror that reflects infinitely, it becomes difficult to see outside the personal echo chamber. The pressures imposed by a western culture on women- to focus on oneself, rather than beyond oneself, can become disempowering obstacles to agency in the world. " TH