27 Jul - 28 Aug 2016

Greg Geraghty | White Rhyme Artist Statement, 2016

White Rhyme is about the violence of missing and misplaced subject matter and how, the stories we are told and the stories we tell, are often stories of power, not necessarily true and often aimed at producing a purposely ill-defined threat. Not painting the subject matter, collaging, and turning the gaze away from accepted tableaus, serve to create a number of deceptions I hope may exist quite happily within all other deceptions.

Secret weapons. The motif of rockets and flowers. The search for secret weapons (WMD 2003) and flowers brought from a servo at midnight, are used to explore the relationship between motif and motive.

Rhyme. Barely controlled technology, like the painting method; produces monsters.

Reformation (in 12 parts). Scenes imagined to sit between the existing Stations of the Cross in a church I attended as a child.

Greg Geraghty graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 1991 and Master of Visual Arts in 1996 from the University of South Australia. He has recently exhibited at RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne; Contemporary Art Centre of SA, Adelaide; Palimpsest #7, Mildura; and was a recipient of a Sydney Gunnery Studio Residency. His work is included in the Artbank collection. Greg lives and works in Adelaide.