Ariel Hassan & Nasim Nasr in the International Limestone Coast Video Art Festival

The Inaugural International Limestone Coast Video Art Festival celebrates the creation of Video Art and places special emphasis on innovative and ground-breaking artworks. The theme for the 2018 Festival is The Lived Body. It focuses on art projects that reveal the human relationship to both technology and nature, and attempts to provide a metaphorical response via the medium of Video Art. The "corporeality" (lived body) is not experienced in a vacuum but in inter-relationship with society, as the lived relationship we maintain with others exists in the interpersonal space we share with them. Marshal McLuhan elegantly summed it up: Each new technology is a reprogramming of sensory life.

image: Installation view of Ariel Hassan's 'Traces and Determinants'

Image: Still from Nasim Nasr's '33 Beads (Unworried)', 2018